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Will You Read Stealing Harper (Taking Chances #2) Chase’s POV?

Will You Read Stealing Harper (Taking Chances #2)?

****Please do not read if you have not read Taking Chances #1 by Molly McAdams. The following contains spoilers.

I first read Taking Chances on September 8, 2012.  I knew of no one who had read the book, so I had no idea about anything concerning the book. The only reason I picked it up was it came up as a recommended read on my Kindle.

So I read it and I think like the rest of us who read Taking Chances was shocked, stunned, had that whole stomach twisted feeling about what happened with Chase.  And I came to that part at 1:16am.  Yes, I remember the exact time I found out that Chase was no longer with us.  When something that traumatic happens in the book, you stop look around and go ‘Oh My God’.  I happened to be staring at the cable box, which was blinking 1:16, in my bedroom.

I ranted and ranted and ranted for weeks.  I joined support groups with a lot of people on Goodreads because of my daily ranting and crying. I needed to get all my feelings out to anyone who cared or would listen. I was pathetic in September.

I think Molly McAdams is an amazing writer.  However, at the time, I was so upset with her.  The baby should have been named after Chase, not someone from Brandon’s family.  With the way the story ended, I felt she put no consideration to putting Chase at peace.  I hated Harper (actually I still do) and the way she handled his death and Brandon, he just annoyed me. He did from page one. Sorry to any Team Brandon fans out there. Chase was my guy and when he was gone, it felt strange.

So when I heard that Molly McAdams was writing Chase’s POV titled Stealing Harper, I immediately posted on Goodreads the following:

1/16/13 – “I am putting this on my bookshelf, as I CAN’T GO THRU THAT AGAIN. I think it will kill me to read every word that my FAVORITE character in Taking Chances thought, felt and said. Months after reading Taking Chances, I still remember what I felt when I read those last paragraphs with Chase.”

Then not a day later, I wrote the following:

01/07/13 – “Okay, I am a masochist because I swore on all that was holy that I was not going to read this book. I think I did the whole “I am not reading this book” talk yesterday. So what did I do just now…went on Facebook, clicked on Molly McAdams’ link, and read a teaser from Stealing Harper. Honestly, when will I ever learn???!!!!”

So my question to all of you is:

Will You Read Stealing Harper?

My answer…I do not know.  I miss Chase, but am I willing to go through that again?? I know what will happen, so the ending will not be a surprise. Molly McAdams, I know will write his story very well and I would want to know what Chase was thinking. It is a tough question.

Stealing Harper – Expected Publication June 4, 2013

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Who I think could play Anastasia in The Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

FSOGClick to view full size image

I was watching Arrow on the CW and thought to myself the girl that plays Laurel on the show, Katie Cassidy, would make a great Anastasia in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.  I know there have been rumors of who could play that part, but I can picture Katie Cassidy.  Below are some pics of her if you do not know who she is.

I would love to hear your thoughts/comments.

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