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Review of The Lonely By Tara Brown

The Lonely

The Lonely by Tara Brown

Genre: Dark, NA-College, Erotica, BDSM, Romance, Adult Fiction 18+.

Published: February 2013

Length: 356 pages

Book Format:  Amazon Kindle

4.5 out of 5 Stars (I loved everything about this one)

When I bought The Lonely, I thought I was going to read a book about a nice girl, who struggles with her OCD that goes away to college with her best friend.  At college, she was going to meet a hot guy, date him and fall in love with maybe a little bit of drama here and there.   Yeah, maybe it started that way, but it did not continue that way.  About 33%, the book took a 180 degree turn and my brain had to  “adjust” to what was happening.  How did we go from a nice contemporary romance to THIS?

That is what made this book awesome. The author did not wait until the typical 51% to get to the main plot of the story. It happens when you least expect it.

If you want to know what the story is about, here is what I think I can give you.

We meet Emalyn Spicer who lives with “the lonely.”

“It’s what I call the lonely. It creeps up whenever I’m uncomfortable. It freezes me up. I feel it enter new places with me, like it’s in the bag I packed.”

She wants to be “normal” and decides to go away to college with her best friend, Shell, for a New Leaf. Emalyn has a Mr. Uncle Daddy Benefactor that takes care of her. He pays for her school, he hires a driver to take her anywhere and everywhere, he texts and calls her anytime she makes a move without letting him know first. He knows where she is day and night, BUT she has never met him in person.

“Maybe he is Big Brother and I am in 1984.”

While at college, Emalyn meets Sebastian.  Sebastian is kind, loving and everything “normal” she is looking for. However, then all the darkness that she has been hiding inside her brain comes out to the surface and again the unthinkable happens to her.

“All of this has been planned to free you. You were never going to get better.”

FOUR words….this book was AWESOME!!!!!

I didn’t know what was going to happen even though I read several reviews. However, I was captured by Emalyn’s emotions and what she was going through.

“I can’t help but wonder if there was ever love and peace inside of me? Was I always so filled with fear and pain? Was there ever a time when someone held me in their arms and made me feel safe?”

I loved the writing style. I loved that even though it was written in first person, there was NO unnecessary inner dialogue.  There are so many wonderful quotes, I wish I could share more, but it would give away the story and I do not want to do that.

The author took me on an amazing ride.  I laughed, I cried, I held my breath.  Not a dull moment in this book.

To Tara Brown: Thank you for writing this amazing story and I cannot wait for the companion/sequel.

  • Did I skim? No.  I took my time reading this book. I did not want to miss one word.
  • Did I feel connected to the characters? Yes. Many times, my heart broke into a thousand pieces.
  • Will I reread? Yes, probably before the sequel comes out.
  • Pace of the story? Perfect.
  • Positives: I did not know where the story was going.  With so many twists and turns, I had no idea how it was going to end. I love that in a book.
  • Negatives: I didn’t understand why certain things happened the way they did, but I am hoping a lot will be answered in the sequel. I can’t say what they are since I do not want to give anything away. 
  • Do I recommend?  Drop what you are reading and start reading this book!

The sequel, The Lost Boy, comes out this Summer 2013.  I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!


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Review of Fighting for Flight By Jamie Salsbury

Fighting for Flight

Fighting for Flight (Fighting #1)  by Jamie Salsbury

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports, UFL Fighter, Erotica, Suspense.

Published: February 2013

Book Format: Amazon Kindle

3.5 out of 5 Stars (The series has a lot of potential)

I started by loving the Prologue, it sucked me in, but then somewhere along the way the story lost me.

UFL fighter falls for a cute, sweet girl who mechanic.  Jonah Slade, a famous UFL fighter slash playboy, hires Raven Morretti to help him fix up an old car. Jonah finds out that Raven’s mother is a prostitute and a daughter of a well-known pimp, Dominick Moretti, in Vegas.  However, Jonah can’t seem to stay away or fall in love with Raven.   Jonah has to make big decisions about his career when Dominick tells Raven’s his plans for her when she turns 21.  Will Jonah risk everything to save Raven?

First let me start by saying I love these types of stories, but I had a few problems.

The love story between the characters was too inst-love for me, too much…too soon.  The minute they saw each other they fell in love hard and fast.  I don’t mind when the couple find immediate attraction to each other, but it should not be the first minute that they see each other.  However, saying that though, I want to add that the first initial love scene between Raven and Jonah were beautiful and hot.  It was VERY well written.  And don’t get me wrong, I loved how Jonah loved Raven.  She deserved it, but I wished it wasn’t so sudden.

Raven best friend, Eve, I had a huge problem with her.  In the story, Eve, finds herself a boyfriend.  Later Raven finds out that Eve was telling this boyfriend all of Raven’s personal information. I mean everything. I won’t tell you more about who the boyfriend was and all the circumstances that followed Eve’s big mouth, but I have a problem with that. Desperate or not to have or keep a boyfriend, your friends should not be telling the guys they are having sex with your personal business. And what a “dumb” girl Eve was not to question why her “boyfriend” was asking about her friend.

I loved Blake, Jonah’s best friend. LOVED that playboy! I want him to have his own story.  However, here is my plea to the author…I DO NOT want the story to be between Blake and Eve.  Blake was “smooth” talking playboy in the book.  He made me laugh out loud. I loved all his one liners and I loved that he had a huge heart when it came to people he cared about.  However, Blake’s big thing was he never slept with women who had kids.  SO I am hoping that the author, in Blake’s book *hint, hint* meets a girl who is strong, but is having a hard time but also has a child.  She could be waitress or do some other legitimate job in the casino. BUT this girl for Blake has to be independent and not take his crap but sees what the good person he is. I want this relationship to be about friendship and love.

  • Did I skim? A little. Some of the dialogue needed to be smoothed out.
  • Did I feel connected to the characters? Yes
  • Pace of story? Okay
  • Positives:  I loved the concept of the story.  I think this author has a lot of potential. If she writes another book and especially if it is about Blake, I will probably be the first one to buy it.  I think I loved Blake a little bit more than Jonah. Jeez, I really do have a thing for bad boys…Blake was HOT!!
  • Negatives: I did enjoy the story overall, it did lack “something” in certain scenes.
  • Would I recommend?  Bottom line, I am giving this book 3.5 stars, but I do RECOMMEND IT. Overall, it was a cute story, AND if hear that the next story if about Blake, I want to be the first one to read it.

NOTE: I see that since I wrote my review that Jamie Salsbury is having a sequel about Blake!! *squee*


Series Reading Order:

Fighting for Flight (Fighting #1)

Fighting to Forgive (Fighting #2)


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Review of Paradise Hops By Liz Crowe

Paradise Hops

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Stand Alone, Erotica, Adult Fiction.

Published: October 2012

4 out 5 Stars (This was a great read.)

 Lori Brockton survives a brutal attack and comes out of hiding two years later, ready to run her family’s famous Brockton Brewery Company.  Since the attack she trusts and relies on no one. All her energy is to learn every aspect of her family’s brewery.  Garrett Hunter, is handsome, successful and stable and is hired as the new Brockton business manager, who takes one look at Lori and can’t help but try to win her trust and heart.  Standing between Garrett and Lori is hot, bad boy, Eli Buchannan, who has just been hired by Brockton Brewery.  Eli is the complete opposite of Garrett. Eli has been burned by a previous relationship is not looking for any type of love.  But then something drastic and life changing occurs.

Days after reading this I had to put my thoughts together before I was able to write this review.

First let me start by saying I loved the story.  I also loved the author’s writing style.  I know I will be reading more books by Liz Crowe.

Before I started this book, I knew that there was going to be an angsty part.  I did not know where in the book it was going to fall or what it was going to be.  What I have to say is that the tragedy took me by surprise.  It came out of left field and hit me right in the head.  I had to go back and reread a few chapters.  After I realized what happened, I had to stop for a few minutes.  “No way did that just happen” were my thoughts.  Those scenes were written perfectly.

My only problem with the story was Lori.  I liked her in the beginning, but then I did not care for her. I had some problems with her “thought” process.  I felt like she never knew what she wanted.  She frustrated and angered me.

I do not want to say much more.  I want you to go into this book not knowing too much.  One last thing I would like to say is that I craved an ice cold beer and Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata when I was done.

  • Did I skim? No.
  • Did I feel connected to characters?  Yes.
  • Would I reread?  Yes. I had to reread certain chapters to wrap my head around what happened.
  • Pace of the story? Excellent
  • Positives?  I loved the plot.  It was very interesting.  Kept my interest throughout the book.
  • Negatives? Can’t think of anything except I did not care for Lori, but I guess when you dislike a character, it makes for a more interesting story.  This book would make a GOOD  book club read. There are so many things I would love to discuss concerning the characters and certain scenes in this book.
  • Do I recommend? Yes. Read it. 

 A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.





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Will You Read Stealing Harper (Taking Chances #2) Chase’s POV?

Will You Read Stealing Harper (Taking Chances #2)?

****Please do not read if you have not read Taking Chances #1 by Molly McAdams. The following contains spoilers.

I first read Taking Chances on September 8, 2012.  I knew of no one who had read the book, so I had no idea about anything concerning the book. The only reason I picked it up was it came up as a recommended read on my Kindle.

So I read it and I think like the rest of us who read Taking Chances was shocked, stunned, had that whole stomach twisted feeling about what happened with Chase.  And I came to that part at 1:16am.  Yes, I remember the exact time I found out that Chase was no longer with us.  When something that traumatic happens in the book, you stop look around and go ‘Oh My God’.  I happened to be staring at the cable box, which was blinking 1:16, in my bedroom.

I ranted and ranted and ranted for weeks.  I joined support groups with a lot of people on Goodreads because of my daily ranting and crying. I needed to get all my feelings out to anyone who cared or would listen. I was pathetic in September.

I think Molly McAdams is an amazing writer.  However, at the time, I was so upset with her.  The baby should have been named after Chase, not someone from Brandon’s family.  With the way the story ended, I felt she put no consideration to putting Chase at peace.  I hated Harper (actually I still do) and the way she handled his death and Brandon, he just annoyed me. He did from page one. Sorry to any Team Brandon fans out there. Chase was my guy and when he was gone, it felt strange.

So when I heard that Molly McAdams was writing Chase’s POV titled Stealing Harper, I immediately posted on Goodreads the following:

1/16/13 – “I am putting this on my bookshelf, as I CAN’T GO THRU THAT AGAIN. I think it will kill me to read every word that my FAVORITE character in Taking Chances thought, felt and said. Months after reading Taking Chances, I still remember what I felt when I read those last paragraphs with Chase.”

Then not a day later, I wrote the following:

01/07/13 – “Okay, I am a masochist because I swore on all that was holy that I was not going to read this book. I think I did the whole “I am not reading this book” talk yesterday. So what did I do just now…went on Facebook, clicked on Molly McAdams’ link, and read a teaser from Stealing Harper. Honestly, when will I ever learn???!!!!”

So my question to all of you is:

Will You Read Stealing Harper?

My answer…I do not know.  I miss Chase, but am I willing to go through that again?? I know what will happen, so the ending will not be a surprise. Molly McAdams, I know will write his story very well and I would want to know what Chase was thinking. It is a tough question.

Stealing Harper – Expected Publication June 4, 2013

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Review of Rule (Rule #1) By Jay Crownover

Rule4 out of 5 Stars (I really liked this book.)

Genre: Contemporary Romance, YA/NA/College (18+), Bad Boy.

Publication: December 2012

Length: 327 Pages

Okay, let me start by saying that I really liked this book. I am not positive if Rule was Jay Crownover first book, but I could not find anything else by her.  All I can say is that she has a new fan and that is me.

I was getting a little frustrated and losing hope that I would not find another good, hot bad-boy with tattoos meets sweet cute girl love story. Well this book brought me out of that drought because I loved it.

These are of course my favorite type of YA/NA stories.   Bad boy meets good girl.  Bad boy has issues as does the good girl, but they start a relationship with a lot of baggage and other drama.  Rule, the bad boy, is a male slut. He is angsty and moody.  Shaw Landon is a beautiful, smart, good girl who happens to love Rule even though Rule has no idea.    Rule and Shaw have known each other since they were 14 years old.    Rule is estranged from his parents after his brother died in an accident 3 years ago.

Every Sunday morning, Shaw picks up Rule and drives him to his parents’ house for brunch only to find Rule with a different girl naked with him in bed. Shaw has not become immune to seeing Rule with those girls.  Shaw just keeps her feelings for Rule a secret, because she knows that he does not share the same feelings that she has for him.

This book had me yelling and frustrated with Rule and yet I could not stop reading.  The story has you sucked in at page one.  It does not drag. Even with the grammar and editing issues, I really enjoyed this book.  The romance was steamy, their relationship was hot and I loved all the characters.

  • Did I skim? No.
  • Did I feel connected to the characters? Yes.
  • Do I recommend? Yes.
  • Will I reread? Yes.
  • Pace of the story: Good
  • Will I read the sequel? Yes. I cannot wait to read Jet’s story.
  • Positives: I liked that the author had one of the obvious angsty issues happen early on in the story.  I hate when the author leaves the obvious conflict for the last 20%.  In Rule, the main characters deal with the obvious conflict in the first half and then the characters deal with another conflict that I did not see coming later on, which made the story all the more interesting.
  • Negatives: Grammar and editing.  The Kindle book edition I had said the editing problems were corrected, but I still saw a lot of misspelled words and grammar issues.  However, once I got passed it, I really enjoyed the story. I think Jay Crownover is a very talented writer and I like her writing style.


Series Reading Order:

RuleRule (Rule #1)

AANo Cover YetJet (Rule #2) – Expected Publication 2013




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Review of Knight (Unfinished Hero #1) By Kristen Ashley


5 out of 5 Stars (My favorite Kristen Ashley book. Yes, it is!!)

Genre:  Erotica, Contemporary Romance, Alpha Male, Drama.

Published: April 2012

Length: 273 Pages

I love this book and I love Kristen Ashley for writing a great story about a hot, controlling, alpha male named Knight.  If you have never read a Kristen Ashley novel, you must.  She is one of my top 5 favorite authors.

Was the story:

  • Predictable – YES
  • Hot and Steamy – YES
  • A lot of unnecessary swearing – Yes
  • Did I enjoy Knight – Hell Yes

A friend originally lent me this book. I loved it so much that I bought the book a month later and reread it.  It was better the second time. There is something about this book that I just love.  Knight is true alpha male and I find him appealing and sexy.  I love him. Yes, there are some bad qualities in him, but I do not care. I am willing to overlook them because he is so awesome to Anya. He is my favorite Kristen Ashley male character.

 The plot is Anya Gage has worked for everything she has every gotten in her life.  She has no expectations, no dreams.  She is just a good person who accepts life for what it is. Then she finds herself at a party where she doesn’t want to be and she meets Knight. OMG and he is hot!!!  While at the party, Anya walks into a bedroom looking for a phone to call a cab only to run into Knight Sebring. Knight knows what he wants and what he wants is Anya.  Knight learns that Anya is kind and loving, everything he feels he is not, so he tries to leave her so she can find what she deserves…a good, normal and clean life. Only Anya walks into Knight’s nightclub and he finds it is hard to stay away from her.  He only hopes that she does not find out his dark secrets.

  • Did I skim? NO. The story did not drag at all.
  • Did I feel connected to the characters? Yes
  • Do I recommend? Yes
  • Did I think about this book after I finished? Yes.
  • Will I reread? Yes.  I already read it twice.
  • Ending/Cliffhanger? The ending and everything was awesome.  It completed the story. I love Knight! *sigh*
  • Pace of the Story: Perfect.
  • Positives: Everything.
  • Negative: That Knight and Anya do not have their own series. I want Knight and Anya to have their story continue.  I know that they were mentioned and ‘appeared’ in CREED, but I want more.

I do not understand why more people do not love this book.  I see the mixed the reviews and cannot believe it.  Are we reading the same book????

This is how I picture Knight and Anya:



Series Reading Order:

KnightKnight (Unfinished Hero #1)

CreedCreed (Unfinished Hero #2)

RaidRaid (Unfinished Hero #3) – Expected Publication: February 28, 2013

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Review of Someone to Love By Addison Moore

Someone to love

3 out of 5 Stars (I started out good, but then it lost me.)

Genre: Contemporary Romance, YA/College (but I recommend for 18+), Erotica

Published: December 2012

Length: 271 Pages

Kendall “Kenny” Jordan transfers to new college.  On her first night at the college, she meets the school’s biggest and hottest bad boy, Cruise Elton.  Kendall and Cruise both do not believe in love and both agree that it does not exist in any relationship.   Since Kendall wants to become the biggest female player, with no strings attached, she asks Cruise, the biggest playboy on campus to teach her the ropes. Not only will Cruise be teaching Kenny the ropes on how to “love them and leave them”, but he turns out to be a Teaching Assistant in one of her classes.

I love these types stories.  I was excited to read this cute contemporary romance.  I liked Kendall (some of her lines at the beginning made me laugh) and I liked Cruise (he was just a good person) and I liked the premise of the story (I seek out these types of stories in YA books).  However, somewhere at 65%, it lost me.  I can’t put my finger on it.  Cruise has some history with an ex-girlfriend that comes back to stir some trouble, but that part did not bother me.  I am reader who likes when an ex comes back to cause some drama.

I so wanted to love this book, but did not.  It was a great disappointment.

Kendall’s behaviors with her friends got on my nerves.  There was a scene were Kendall was involved in trying to prove that one of her friend’s boyfriend was possibly cheating. The way they tried to prove that was very immature for college age girls. Kendall was witty and smart yet some of the things she did were out of character.

Cruise, I would think, being a college teaching assistant, would be more careful and not be so open about his relationship with a student.  Cruise wasn’t an idiot, but yet some of the choices he made, were just dumb.

-Did I skim? A little. Certain parts got a little silly. You get dual POVs from both Kendall and Cruise. Cruise started going a little overboard with his thoughts about Kendall being so hot and pretty.  Certain things he said sounded more like they were coming from a girl not a guy.

-Did I fell connected to the characters? At times.

-How was the pace of the story?  The writing was a little choppy and was hard to follow at times.

-Will I re-read? no

-Ending/cliffhanger? the ending was okay. There was one part of the story that I wish would have ended on a better note. I don’t believe there is a sequel so I wish it would have ended on a better note.


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