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Review of Beyond Control By Kit Rocha

Beyond Control

Beyond Control (Beyond #2) by Kit Rocha

Genre: Erotica, Ménage, Dystopia, BDSM, Adult Fiction.

 Published: March 2013

Format: ARC from Publisher

In the first book, Beyond Shame, I really liked the characters Lex and Dallas.  So I was excited that Beyond Control was their story.

Alexa “Lex” came from sector 2 where there was a lot of poverty and people were not treated like animals.  When she escaped, she joined Dallas’s sector 4 and found a place where people were treated like humans and not like slaves.  Dallas is the leader of sector 4.  He loves Lex, but he knows that he cannot push her to do anything, least of all commit to him.  However, when Lex decides to give it a try and give him a chance at a relationship, business calls at sector 2 where bad memories are still at the core for Lex.  Will Dallas’s agreements with Sector 2 affect their relationship?

Dallas and Lex are two very strong people who like to be in control so it was interesting to see the change in the dynamic in this book.

I loved the start of the book and I loved the last 25% of the book.  However, some parts in the middle, I felt got off track.  I loved the general plot in the book, but in the middle, I felt like a lot of it was masked with all the unnecessary sex.

When Dallas and Lex were thrown into the “mix” with Noelle and Jasper, I started to think that there were no real feelings for each other. However, I am glad that when Dallas and Lex finally committed, their most intimate moments were in private.  I had no problem when they liked to “play” with others in the book, but sometimes it got a little too much.

I love the fact that the author added the POVs of Bren, Six, Rachel, Ace and Cruz.  To be honest, those characters’ POVs were my favorite parts of the book. I cannot wait to read about Bren and Six in the next book.

  • Did I skim? Unfortunately yes. Like I said the middle got a little carried away for me.
  • Did I feel connected to the characters? Yes.
  • Do I look forward to the sequel? Yes.
  • Will I reread? Probably not.
  • Pace of the story? Okay
  • Positives: Author has a great writing style and there is a good plot. In the end, it is a good dystopian story.
  • Negatives: I think I said it a couple of times already…the middle.
  • Do I recommend?  Surprisingly yes. There are great characters in these books. You may just some of the “interactions” between these couples a little uncomfortable.  However, overall this is a good series.


Series Reading Order:

Beyond-ShameBeyond Shame (Beyond #1) – Published September 2012 – Check my review

Beyond ControlBeyond Control (Beyond #2) – Published March 2013

Beyond PainBeyond Pain (Beyond #3) – Expected Publication  Fall 2013

Beyond JealousyBeyond Jealousy (Beyond #4) – Expected Publication End of 2013/Beginning 2014

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Review of Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha


Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha

Rating- 4 our of 5 Stars

Where to begin, where to begin, where to begin…

First, there is a lot of sex in this book. I mean like A LOT. I am not exaggerating. A LOT of menage…m/f/m, m/f/m/f, you get the picture.

One thing about me is that I don’t like “sharing” as in sharing my boyfriend or spouse so a menage in a book does not do anything for me. However, somehow it worked in this book to where I did not think it was inappropriate, but starting thinking it was hot! The story and the writing was good.

Noelle, the main female character, who has lived her entire life “sheltered” behind the walls of Eden, where only the righteous live, one day is thrown out on the street into a society that was destroyed by solar systems decades earlier. There Noelle is found by a gang member, Jasper. Jasper takes her back to the compound where he lives which is also known as Sector 4. In Sector 4 Noelle sees and learns the life of a “society” where passion and freedom is found in submission.

The sex is all consensual and at about 35% or so, I got used to all the “interactions” and got into the story, which I ended up really enjoying. I loved the characters. They were intense, but protective.

This book did pop my erotic book cherry. However, I think once you get over the sex and see that the sex is just the Sector’s way of life, you will enjoy the book.

– Did I skim? I did in beginning through some of the initial sex “scenes.” However, as I understand the sexual relationships, I did not skim. I enjoyed the story and the characters.
– Did I think about the book when I had to walk away? Yes, I wanted to get back to the book as soon as I had the chance to read.

Bottom line, I recommend, but you have to be in the mood. Don’t start reading this book thinking “oh great, another erotica” because that is what it is with a romance.

*An ARC of this book has been provided by Net Galley for a honest review.

Beyond Control (Beyond #2) Expected Release 2013

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