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Review of The Baby Bargain by Jennifer Apodaca

The Baby Bargain

The Baby Bargain by Jennifer Apodaca

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Suspense, Marine, Adult Fiction.

Published: March 2013

Length: 184 pages (e-book)

3 out of 5 Stars (It was a cute read)

I wasn’t sure what I was going to think about this one, but the plot was interesting and kept my attention.

Megan is a veterinarian who is being accused for stealing a show dog by an influential man in her town. She seeks the help of an old love, Adam. Adam does not know that Megan has been keeping the fact that they have a 2 year old son. Once Adam finds out the child, he wants to protect his family, but he is not sure if he can be a father especially with the secret he has been holding.

I was a little nervous that we would not find out about the child, Cole, until closer to the end of the book, but that did not happen. As soon as Adam found out about his “C-Man” (I loved that nickname that Adam gave his son) the story took off.

Megan was a great heroine. She was sweet and understanding, but strong at the same time.  I was upset with the fact that she did not tell Adam about Cole until he was 2 years-old.  I think a man should always know. However, we learn what happened in her life with her father so I kind-of understood her fear.  That whole story line about Megan’s father was believable.  Usually when an author tries to write a story to make the readers understand the character’s angst, it is not so believable.  This, I was able to understand and see how that could truly make her feel that Adam would  do the same.

I thought the scenes between Megan and Adam were enduring and passionate. They were pretty hot. The author did a good job allowing me to experience their passion and love for one another.

I liked the suspense part of the story.  I loved that Adam was the protector, but then I was disappointed because he seemed to “run” every time anything got hard.  The miscommunication of him “thinking” what he thought Megan was thinking or feeling about him got on my nerves in the end.  I want a man to act like a man and not be afraid to confront the issues.

  • Did I skim? No
  • Did I connect to the characters? Yes. It was easy to.
  • Pace of story: Pretty. I have to be honest I thought it was going to drag, but I liked how the author took us and made the reader understand Megan and Adam’s love before Cole was introduced to the story.
  • Positives: It was written well.
  • Negatives: I hated that Adam basically waited until the last minute to tell Megan about why he was having those bad dreams.  It honestly pissed me off.  I liked Adam, but wanted to throw an apple or something at him so he would wake up and see him holding stuff in was only making things worse.
  • Do I recommend? Overall, if you are looking for a simple cute love story with a bit of suspense, I recommend. It was a cute story even though the story got a little too sappy for me towards the end. However, I did not feel like I wasted my reading time.

Happy Reading

Book/Format: ARC courtesy of the publisher for an honest review.


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Review of Someone to Love By Addison Moore

Someone to love

3 out of 5 Stars (I started out good, but then it lost me.)

Genre: Contemporary Romance, YA/College (but I recommend for 18+), Erotica

Published: December 2012

Length: 271 Pages

Kendall “Kenny” Jordan transfers to new college.  On her first night at the college, she meets the school’s biggest and hottest bad boy, Cruise Elton.  Kendall and Cruise both do not believe in love and both agree that it does not exist in any relationship.   Since Kendall wants to become the biggest female player, with no strings attached, she asks Cruise, the biggest playboy on campus to teach her the ropes. Not only will Cruise be teaching Kenny the ropes on how to “love them and leave them”, but he turns out to be a Teaching Assistant in one of her classes.

I love these types stories.  I was excited to read this cute contemporary romance.  I liked Kendall (some of her lines at the beginning made me laugh) and I liked Cruise (he was just a good person) and I liked the premise of the story (I seek out these types of stories in YA books).  However, somewhere at 65%, it lost me.  I can’t put my finger on it.  Cruise has some history with an ex-girlfriend that comes back to stir some trouble, but that part did not bother me.  I am reader who likes when an ex comes back to cause some drama.

I so wanted to love this book, but did not.  It was a great disappointment.

Kendall’s behaviors with her friends got on my nerves.  There was a scene were Kendall was involved in trying to prove that one of her friend’s boyfriend was possibly cheating. The way they tried to prove that was very immature for college age girls. Kendall was witty and smart yet some of the things she did were out of character.

Cruise, I would think, being a college teaching assistant, would be more careful and not be so open about his relationship with a student.  Cruise wasn’t an idiot, but yet some of the choices he made, were just dumb.

-Did I skim? A little. Certain parts got a little silly. You get dual POVs from both Kendall and Cruise. Cruise started going a little overboard with his thoughts about Kendall being so hot and pretty.  Certain things he said sounded more like they were coming from a girl not a guy.

-Did I fell connected to the characters? At times.

-How was the pace of the story?  The writing was a little choppy and was hard to follow at times.

-Will I re-read? no

-Ending/cliffhanger? the ending was okay. There was one part of the story that I wish would have ended on a better note. I don’t believe there is a sequel so I wish it would have ended on a better note.


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Review of Me Before You By Jojo Moyes

Me Before You

Genre:  Realistic Fiction, Romance, Drama

Published: January 2012

Length: 516 Pages

5++ out of 5 Stars (I loved this book!)

Louisa “Lou” Clark loses her job at a coffee shop, but needs to find a job ASAP to help her family financially. The only job that is offered to her is as a caretaker for Will Traynor who was involved in an accident which left him a quadriplegic.  Lou has no experience in taking care of a quadriplegic, but takes the job since money is a great concern.  Will is not the easiest person to deal with, since he loathes how the accident has left him in a wheelchair.   However, two people, who otherwise would have never met, change the other’s life.

Okay, where do I start???  My review is not going to do justice as to how special and wonderful this book is.  I have not read a book in a long time that has made me think and cry as much as ‘Me Before You.’

This book is pricey, but I am telling you it is worth it!! Buy it! Read it!

I have already re-read certain parts of the book and have felt the same intense emotions as I did the first time.

I don’t want to give anything away because this is a book that I want the reader to experience. Some parts will be hard to read, but you will want to keep reading.

You will meet and get to know not only the main characters but their families and their relationship with each other. I felt connected to Lou and Will immediately.

So much I want to say, but I cannot.  Not knowing what to expect or how it was all going to end, made it all the more special.   So I am leaving you with the same.  However, I will tell you this…you will laugh, you will cry and you will think.


  • Did I skim? No.
  • Did I feel connected to the characters? Yes.
  • Do I recommend? Yes.
  • Would I reread? Yes

Ending: It was wonderful and everything else all in one.  I do not want to give anything away, but the last 10% of the book was 10+ stars.

Happy Reading

Book/Format: ARC courtesy of the publisher for an honest review.


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