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Review of Second Chance by Carla Caruso

Second Chance

Second Chance by Carla Caruso

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Adult Fiction.

4 out of 5 Stars (Made me think what would I do?)

How many of us have thought if only we could back in time we would tell an old sweetheart exactly what we feel?

Flora feels that the “love of her life”, Ruben, got away 15 years prior on her 21st birthday.  On her 36th birthday she walks into a bar only to see him propose to another woman.  She reflects on her life, wishing she could go back and change that day 15 years ago. Flora feels she would not be lonely and she would still have the love of her life.  Only Flora, gets her wish and goes back 15 years, but in the end, was everything as she remembered?

I felt a lot of what Flora was experiencing.  If only, I could go back in time, I would change this and that.  If only I had a second chance.

Half of the book was highlighted in my Kindle.  The author did an amazing job going back in time and bringing us to the mid-90s.  Spice Girls, Vanilla Ice, the slang “NOT”, saying “bodacious” or “eat my shorts”, P. Diddy (previously known as Puffy Daddy),  seeing Titanic for the first time” I loved all of them.

But that is not the only thing I appreciated in the story. I loved how the Flora thought if she could go back in time and change certain things that her life would be better.  However, when she did, there were only so many things she could change.  Maybe what happened, happened for the best.  I think the saying “all things happen for a reason” is the perfect theme for this book.

The inner dialogue was needed since the reader had to understand what Flora was reflecting on when she went back in time. I thought about the book after I was finished it. I questioned “what I would do in Flora’s situation?” I will recommend this book to my followers.

  • Did I skim? No
  • Did I feel connected to the characters? Yes. Flora is a very likeable character.
  • Pace of the story: Good
  • Positives: Great character development.
  • Negatives: I was getting a little annoyed by how she was just “not getting” certain things until it was almost closer to the end. It was a little frustrating.
  • Do I recommend? Yes

Happy Reading

Book/Format: ARC courtesy of the publisher for an honest review.


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Review of The World of Karov by Elyse Salpeter

World Karov

The World of Karov by Elyse Salpeter

Genre: NA/ 15+, Dark Fantasy.

Published: December 2012

4 out of 5 STARS (I was surprised as to how much I enjoyed this book)

I love when I find an author that I have never heard of before and come to enjoy their work.

This is story about 2 twins.  One good and one evil.  Adam is kind, loving and caring.  Alec is hurtful, evil and jealous.   Adam will bring home a stray animal and Alec would kill it.  Complete opposites even though both grew up in an abusive home.

Adam works hard to make a better life for himself and even meets a girl, falls in love, proposes to her with the hope to move on from his previous life and start a new one.  Only the day of the wedding, Alec kidnaps Adam’s fiancé.  Adam spends months looking for her in the forest only to be approached by a stranger who brings him to a world of magic.  A place where there is a king and magical things happen. In Karov, Adam begins to rebuild his life and moves on from his tragedy.  He learns he has gifts and even grows a status in his new home. Just when Adam thinks he has moved on, the terror returns.

The World of Karov was so captivating that it was hard for me to put down.  I did not know how this book would be and once I started reading, I had to know what was going to happen.

The writing is really good. I could picture all the people and their surroundings perfectly without the author going on and on.  Sometimes when the author gives too much of description, the writing gets mundane. That did not happen in this book.

I actually do read the Acknowledgements.  It is my favorite thing to read in the book.  I loved how the author wrote about her friend that pushed her into trying something called nanowrimo where you are required to write a specific amount of words per day for thirty days.  The result was this little gem called The World of Karov.

I don’t want to give too much away, but it was awesome.  Too much information in a story can ruin the story.  However, the plot is what got me hooked.

  • Did I skim: No
  • Did I feel connected to the characters? Yes
  • Do I look forward to the sequel? Yes.
  • Pace of the story:  Good.
  • Positives: Great plot.
  • Negatives: I wish the author would have expended a little more on the relationship of Arianna and Adam in the beginning of the story. I know Adam said he loved her but I did not feel Adam’s lose at first when Alec kidnapped her. I wish there was more dialogue between Arianna and Adam.
  • Do I recommend: Yes.  AMAZING cliffhanger.  Loved it. 

Format: ARC from author for an honest review


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Review of Beg for Mercy (Cambion #1) By: Shannon Dermott

Beg for Mercy               

4 out of 5 Stars (I really liked this book)

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Contemporary Romance, Fiction

Published: August 2011

Length: 473 Pages

Who would think that one kiss could be so deadly??

That is the story of Mercy Moore who is a junior in high school and has only been kissed by one boy…one boy she almost killed with that kiss.

I read another book by Shannon Dermott and loved it so I decided to pick up ‘Beg for Mercy’.  It did not disappoint.

There is a lot of inner dialogue from Mercy, so we really get to know and connect with her character quickly.  In the beginning, it took a little time for me to get used to all the inner dialogue, since I am not a fan of that type of writing style. However, in this book, it works.  You get a great understanding of how this 16 year old sees her life, school, mom, friends and boys.  Yes, there are a lot of boys in Mercy’s life.

You may find some of what Mercy says or thinks is immature, but you have to remember she is 16 years old. Also, she has only kissed one boy and that did not go well so she has been staying away from boys ever since.

Mercy’s mother holds a lot of secrets as to who Mercy is in this world.  It was frustrating for me since I had some issues with her mom.  However, I love how Shannon Dermott has me not like the mother, but yet try to understand where the mother was coming from by holding all these secrets from Mercy. Many times, I wanted to yell at Mercy’s mom (more like my Kindle) and say “just tell her or she will resent you.”  So, yes, I got emotionally involved in the characters.

As the story progresses, we learn why a girl who has only had one boyfriend in her life immediately draws the attention of four.  By the end of the book, you will have a ‘boy crush team’ that you will be rooting for.  I have mine, but keep switching back and forth.  Every time, I am rooting for specific boy, another one does something that makes me switch back.  Would it be bad if I was rooting for the devil??? *sigh* YES that was a sigh for the devil.!

I don’t particularly care for love squares/triangles times two. No joke, Mercy is able to attract all types of boys and change them.

Once you have finished this book, Shannon Dermott, wrote a few POVs that are on Figment from Flynn and Sebastian, Two male characters in the series.  I love these guys! Who am I kidding???  I think I love all male characters in this book. I am telling you, if you read this book it will be so hard for you to choose your favorite “team boy.”

Plot: Mercy Moore has only kissed one boy when she was 14 years old.  With that one kiss she almost killed that boy.  Now she is 16 years old, has not been since that scary night and is stuck at a party with her best friend playing ‘spin the bottle’ and the bottle that the hottest boy in school spun just stopped on her.  What is she supposed to do?? She wants to fit in?  Be like any normal junior in high school. As Mercy learns more and more about her “curse” she meets more characters that may have the answers as to why her kisses are so deadly.

Did I skim? No

Ending/Cliffhanger:  I wanted to immediately to start the sequel.

Did I feel connected to the characters: Yes

Did I look forward to going back to the book when I had to stop? Yes

Do I recommend? Yes. 

Positives:  Great story. Great characters.

Negatives: Mercy can be a little repetitive with her thoughts.

Pace of the story: Good


Series Reading Order:

Beg for MercyBeg for Mercy (Cambion #1)

WFMWaiting for Mercy (Cambion #2)

No MercyNo Mercy (Cambion #2.5)

Angel MercyAngel of Mercy (Cambion #3) – Expected Publication: February 26, 2013



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