Review of Fight or Flight By Vanessa North

22 Feb

Fight or Flight

Genre: Sci-Fi, Contemporary Romance, Adult Fiction.

Published: December 2012

4 out of 5 Stars (I am glad I found this one)

I love when I come across an author I have never heard of and end up reading one of their books and loving it.  I can’t recall how I came across Vanessa North’s website and read the description to Fight or Flight and became curious.

I used to read sci-fi in college, but not the Star Trek kind of sci-fi.  I used to read a lot of Ben Bova. Not sure if anyone has ever heard of him, but he writes about human expansion through the solar system.

Anyway, I would not consider sci-fi my favorite genre or one that I seek when I go through my Kindle wish-list. However, after reading Fight or Flight, I will be putting more sci-fi books on my wish-list, especially Vanessa North’s books.  She has opened a door to sci-fi that had been closed for a while.

The story starts with Tirzah Simonian, while trying to escape from her estranged husband, kills him and is arrested for his murder. Advacate-Commender, Zeke Lucassen, is assigned as the prosecutor in Tirzah’s case.  Zeke is pressured to win the case and make sure that Tirzah is stripped of her pilot wings and placed in work camps (jail). Zeke, has no problem prosecuting Tirzah since he has no love for women especially ones who abandon their husbands.  However, as more and more is discovered during the court proceedings, Zeke is not so sure that everything that is being said about Tirzah as being a ruthless woman and killer is true.

First, I love the characters. Tirzah is a strong woman even after her abusive husband ripped away most of her self-esteem.  Zeke, is a strong and kind man, who went through a very difficult experience in his marriage and is now leery to have any woman in his life.

I enjoyed reading how these two people who both gave up hope on ever finding love and happiness find each other.  However, some of their experiences in their past relationship does hunt them.

  • Did I skim? No.  The pages are filled with the story.  Not meaningless inner monologue.
  • Do I recommend? Yes
  • Did I feel connected to the characters? Yes. The story is written through Tirzah and Zeke’s POV.
  • Pace of the story? Good. It kept my interest the whole time.
  • Steamy: Yes.
  • Did I look forward to returning to the book when I had to stop reading? Yes.
  • My Positives:  I liked the flow of the story.  I was not bored.
  • My Negatives:  I did not really find any. My only thought is I would have liked the court proceedings to be extended.  I liked the way Vanessa North wrote those scenes, so I was disappointed when they came to a close.

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