Review of Harbour Falls (A Harbour Falls Mystery #1) By S.R. Grey

11 Feb

Harbour Falls

3 out of 5 Stars (I had high hopes for this one.)

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Suspense, Mystery

Length: 344 Pages

Published: October 2012

The plot goes like this…Madeleine “Maddy” Fitch is a successful mystery writer.  She comes back to home town of Harbour Falls to “investigate” and write her next book on an unsolved disappearance of a young woman, Chelsea.  Chelsea disappeared the night before her wedding to Adam 4 years earlier.   Adam, a guy who Maddy had a crush on in high school was a prime suspect in the disappearance of Chelsea. Adam is hot, successful and rich and Maddy can’t help but fall for all his charms. However, Maddy is not sure if she can trust Adam especially since the disappearance of Chelsea remains unsolved.

I enjoy suspense/romance novels so I was looking forward to reading this book, but was disappointed.  This book had its moments, but I think that there was too much inner monologue.  A lot of it was repetitive.

I had some problems with Maddy’s character.  I felt like for the life of her, this 26 year old woman could not keep a secret.   I understand Maddy was investigating a possible murder and had to question things that she heard but she was a big mouth.   Every time, Adam told her something personal, she blabbed or had an urge to blab.

I liked Adam’s character, but I did not understand why he wanted to be with Maddy.  He would say she was beautiful, exquisite, but other than that they would fight about her big mouth.

Every time, I thought I had the mystery solved, there was a twist that threw me off, which I love when an author can do that in a mystery.

In the end, the big mystery is solved, but a little “mystery” was left to be solved in the sequel.

-Did I skim? Yes.  Certain parts I skimmed.

-Did I feel connected to the characters?  No.

-Do I recommend? I did not really like the book.  I did not care for the writing style.

-How was the pace of the book? The story moved at a decent pace.

-Will I re-read? No.

-Writing style: One POV – Maddy’s.

-Ending/Cliffhanger?  Even though I doubt I will pick up the sequel, I have to say the cliffhanger was pretty good. Maybe, just maybe, if the book lands in my Kindle, I will read the sequel, but that is a big MAYBE.


Sequels: Willow Point (A Harbour Falls Mystery #2) – Expected Publication: April/May 20


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