Review of Someone to Love By Addison Moore

10 Feb

Someone to love

3 out of 5 Stars (I started out good, but then it lost me.)

Genre: Contemporary Romance, YA/College (but I recommend for 18+), Erotica

Published: December 2012

Length: 271 Pages

Kendall “Kenny” Jordan transfers to new college.  On her first night at the college, she meets the school’s biggest and hottest bad boy, Cruise Elton.  Kendall and Cruise both do not believe in love and both agree that it does not exist in any relationship.   Since Kendall wants to become the biggest female player, with no strings attached, she asks Cruise, the biggest playboy on campus to teach her the ropes. Not only will Cruise be teaching Kenny the ropes on how to “love them and leave them”, but he turns out to be a Teaching Assistant in one of her classes.

I love these types stories.  I was excited to read this cute contemporary romance.  I liked Kendall (some of her lines at the beginning made me laugh) and I liked Cruise (he was just a good person) and I liked the premise of the story (I seek out these types of stories in YA books).  However, somewhere at 65%, it lost me.  I can’t put my finger on it.  Cruise has some history with an ex-girlfriend that comes back to stir some trouble, but that part did not bother me.  I am reader who likes when an ex comes back to cause some drama.

I so wanted to love this book, but did not.  It was a great disappointment.

Kendall’s behaviors with her friends got on my nerves.  There was a scene were Kendall was involved in trying to prove that one of her friend’s boyfriend was possibly cheating. The way they tried to prove that was very immature for college age girls. Kendall was witty and smart yet some of the things she did were out of character.

Cruise, I would think, being a college teaching assistant, would be more careful and not be so open about his relationship with a student.  Cruise wasn’t an idiot, but yet some of the choices he made, were just dumb.

-Did I skim? A little. Certain parts got a little silly. You get dual POVs from both Kendall and Cruise. Cruise started going a little overboard with his thoughts about Kendall being so hot and pretty.  Certain things he said sounded more like they were coming from a girl not a guy.

-Did I fell connected to the characters? At times.

-How was the pace of the story?  The writing was a little choppy and was hard to follow at times.

-Will I re-read? no

-Ending/cliffhanger? the ending was okay. There was one part of the story that I wish would have ended on a better note. I don’t believe there is a sequel so I wish it would have ended on a better note.


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