Review of Star Crossed (Battered Hearts #2) By Kele Moon

31 Jan

Star Crossed

4 out of 5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports, Adult Fiction, Erotica

Published: July 2012

Length: 295 Pages

Well written story.  I love sport stories, but my favorite are with cage fighting.  I loved Romeo and I loved Jules and I loved them together.  This romance was a breath of fresh air since they fought the obstacles in their relationship together.

The chemistry is from page one.  You feel it and want it.  My favorite scenes are when they are apart and do what they do to stay “connected.”  *wink*

Yes there is a lot of steamy sex.  However, there is also a story/plot, therefore making it an interesting read.

Romeo Wellings is a Heavyweight MMA fighter that grew up in the streets of New York where he has ties to the mafia.  He wants to cut those ties, but that is easier said than done.

Romeo meets Jules Connor and has one night with her in Vegas only to discover that there are strong, mutual feelings. Jules is a law abiding citizen that practices law and is also a volunteer deputy sheriff.  Being involved with a man who has a record and has ties in the mafia is not what she hoped. Plus, Jules’ twin brother, Wyatt, has always thought Romeo was more trouble than good. Jules loves her brother, but loves Romeo too.

The story does not only focus on Romeo and Julia, but also Romeo’s half-brothers, Valentino “Tino” and Casanoa “Nova”.  Tino and Nova’s father is a mobster.  Romeo wants his brothers to walk away from the mob, but it is harder said than done.   One brother wanting to do right thing, but feeling “stuck” in that world; while the other feels there is no other option but to stay committed.

Did I skim? No.

Did I feel connected to the characters? Yes.

Do I recommend? Yes.

Did I think about the book after I was done? Yes.

Ending/Cliffhanger? It was sweet.  Wasn’t a favorite, but it was nice.

Sequels: Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts #1) Published: December 2011


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