Review of Stand-In Star By Rachael Johns

29 Jan

Title: Stand-In Star

Author: Rachael Johns

Stand-in Star

2 out of 5 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Chick-Lit

Published: January 2013

Length: 250 pages

I don’t like writing negative reviews, but I want to be honest.  We are all different readers.  One reader will love a story while another reader will not.

Holly McCartney flies to Hollywood to accept an acting award for her deceased sister.  Her sister’s old friend, the handsome Nate Devlin, rescues her from the paparazzi and drives her back to his home. Nate has some assumptions about Holly since her deceased sister and she did not talk for 3 years.  Nate thinks that Holly only came to accept the award to experience the Hollywood glamour.  While, Holly does not know why Nate is helping her, yet giving her the cold shoulder.

Let me start by saying this was a very nice and sweet story.  My problem, I don’t like when the misunderstanding in the story drags to almost majority of the book. Especially in books that involve characters not in high school or college.  I expect that in a Young Adult books, not in 18+ Adult Contemporary Romance novels. Nate was friends with Holly’s sister and the misunderstanding that occur as to why the sisters did not talk for 3 years, got on my nerves and ruined the story for me.  Additionally, I felt some scenes were not executed properly.

By the time anything happened, I lost interest.  I liked Holly and I liked Nate.  I just would have liked the story to move along.    Additionally, there was just a little too much inner dialogue.

–          Did I skim? Yes.  I skimmed some of the inner dialogue which I found a little mundane at times.

–          Did I feel connected to the characters? No.

–          Do I recommend? I hate to say it, but I would not recommend this one. I love a cat and mouse drama in a novel, but this one took too long.  I need more than one story line to get me through a 250 page book.

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