Review of Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful Bastard #1) By Christine Lauren

16 Jan


4 out of 5 Stars


Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful Bastard #1)

By: Christina Lauren

Expected Publication: February 12, 2013

Let me start by saying that I really liked this hot read!

Here is how the story goes:

There is Chloe and Bennett.

Chloe is smart and hard working, but is assigned to the hot, irresistible, blunt and inconsiderate Bennett as an intern in his firm.

Chloe and Bennett banter back and forth but after 9 months of working together they start a steamy office affair. Up against the wall, up against the window, in the elevator, you name the place, they are “doing it” there.   J

What makes it hotter is that the banter does not stop.

I loved that there are alternating POVs from Chloe and Bennett. I think that is why I felt connected to the characters where the book could have been sex all day and all night with no real story.  But instead we got to see inside the characters’ heads.

It was nice to see Chloe and her relationship with Bennett’s family.  I loved when everyone acknowledged Bennett’s 24/7 grumpy behavior, but Bennett himself.  Those scenes made me laugh.

Bennett is a hottie and is known to “love” and leave his women, but what I enjoyed was that these two authors (Christina and Lauren) did not have that angry ex that came back to ruin or tease the relationship.  There is an “issue” that tests their love, but it was not an obvious one to me.  I did not see it coming, which I admire in writers.

Did I skim? No

Would I reread this story? Yes

Did I want to keep reading? Yes

Did I feel connected to the characters? Yes

Would I recommend? Yes. Enjoy!

*Thank you to the publisher through Net Galley for providing a copy for an honest review.

Sequel: Beautiful Stranger (Beautiful Bastard #2) – Expected Publication May 28, 2013


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