Review of The Fetish Box, Part 1:Open All Night (The Fetish Box #1) By Nicole Camden

14 Jan

the fetish box cover

1 out of 5 Stars

 Fetish Box, Part One: Open All Night (The Fetish Box #1)

Author: Nicole Camden

Expected Publication: February 11, 2013

I wanted this book to be good, but it was not.  So I apologize in advance to the author for my review. I hate writing a negative review.  I think if some changes were made the book would be wonderful. This book had potential to be good, but in my opinion it fell short.

Mary, the main character, inherits a sex shop from her deceased mother, who she never met. Having grown up with a conservative grandmother and father, she is innocent and knows little to nothing about sex.   As Mary comes to her mother’s town to take over her inheritance, she realizes that she not only inherited a fetish shop but all the extras.

The first chapter was great.  However, the story just turned and became unbelievable.  Even to the point of ridiculous.  The conversations were nonsense. Even the switch with the POVs did not help me feel connected.  I tried, really tried, but the story just went from bad to worse.

There interaction with one another did not feel like friendship, but something strange. These people were supposed to be a “family” of sorts, but it felt like they just used each other.

Did I skim?  No, but I rolled my eyes a lot.

Did I think about the book after I finished it? Yes, about all the ways I can make the story better.

Did I feel connected to the characters? No

Do I recommend?  No

*A copy of this book was provided by the publisher (and Net Galley) for an honest review.

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