Review of The Stranger (Just One Night #1) by Kyra Davis

14 Jan

Just One Night- The Stranger

4 out of 5 Stars

The Stranger (Just One Night #1)

Author: Kyra Davis

Expected Publication: January 21, 2013

This one took me by surprise.  I was not expecting to like it as much as I did.  No regrets reading this little gem.  I loved every single sentence.

Kasie Fitzgerald has been in a relationship with a man, Dave, for six years which she describes as her “baked potato,” her comfort food. Dave is warm and safe. He is enough to “stave off hunger.”   Kasie goes to Vegas with her best friend where she meets a man, Robert Dade. Robert is everything Dave is not. He brings out emotions and passion that she never felt with Dave or any other man. Kasie loses herself to one night with Robert, a man that she thinks she will never see again.  She only comes back from her trip to find out that he is a CEO of a huge company that just hired her firm for some PR work and so the story begins…

The author did such a great job making you feel connected to the characters.  Some of you will have a problem with the cheating aspect in the book, which normally I do.  However, you will feel connected to the characters.  You will understand Kasie and how she views her relationship with, Dave.  Dave who likes things a certain way and expects Kasie to be and act a certain way.   Robert unravels Kasie and makes her finally feel.

I loved it.  I loved the passion, the steam, the every thing.  I do feel a little guilty for liking a book that had the main female character cheat. However, I could not help it.

I love the cliffhanger.  It surprised me.  I need the sequel now.  For a novella, this one did not disappoint.   It had me from page 1 all the way to the awesome cliffhanger.

– Did I skim? NO

– Will I reread? Yes

– Did I think about the book after I finished it? Yes

– Did I feel connected to the characters? Yes

– Do I recommend? Yes

*A copy of this book was provided by the publisher by Net Galley for an honest review.

 Sequels: Exposed (Just One Night #2) – Expected Publication March 18, 2013

Binding Agreement (Just One Night #3) – Expected Publication May 20, 2013

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    Out today The Stranger by Kyra Davis. It was a great read!
    4 out of 5 Stars!


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